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Artists have many tools.
Technology is one of them.
Computer generated imagery (CGI)
uses modelling, software and graphics
to produce an image.

Jakub creates beautiful pieces of art using this technique. Each piece is a photorealistic portrayal of an interior, an architectural design or a product, enriched with nuance, depth and light. Through his vision and technical skill, Jakub is able to bring ideas to life, and make the imaginary real.

  • N°1

    The CGI artist creates a model from virtual clay, using a variety of techniques. These could include hard modelling (moving vertexes/polygons) 3D sculpting (organic modelling with brushes) or simulations.

  • N°2


    The CGI artist paints the object they've modelled, adding texture organically or digitally. Here, we can add colour, reflection, light and other elements. These are photographed using special techniques, including polarised filters and multi lighting setups.

  • N°3

    The CGI artist will repeat steps one and two to create the rest of the scene.

  • N°4


    To ensure a flawless composition, the artist employs lighting to enhance the scene. Pitch perfect lighting is achieved using a number of lighting tools, hand picked by the artist. These could include individual shaped lights or environmental lighting which illuminates the whole scene.

  • N°5

    This is where the digital magic happens: the image is created entirely through digital technology. Once the scene has been created, it takes several hours for the computer to render an image. Rendering is the process of creating a physical simulation of how light behaves, and is achieved by shooting millions of rays per second.